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The term Earth community comes from the Earth Charter, a declaration of university responsibility to and for one another and the living Earth created through a process that began with the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and carried forward through a multiyear collaborative process involving hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals of diverse religious faiths, cultures, races, languages, and nationalities.

The Earth Charter elaborates four overarching principles of Earth community: (1) respect and care for the community of life; (2) ecological integrity; (3) social and economic justice; and (4) democracy, non-violence, and peace. It calls for a reintegration of humans into the planetary system of life and requires the birthing of human cultures and institutions that embrace and nurture material sufficiency for everyone, honors the generative power of life and love, seeks a balance of feminine and masculine principles, and nurtures a realization of the mature potential of our human nature.

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Author: David Korten