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Welcome, Contributors to the Dictionary of Ethical Politics!

We have created a helpful screencast introduction video on how to edit the wiki that walks you through the entry process for terms and definitions. View the introduction video.

To ADD a new definition

1. Click on the appropriate alphabet letter in the Index of Terms and Definitions (ex: "S"). This will take you to the index page of that particular letter, where you will see an alphabetized list of all terms beginning with that letter (ex: "Sovereignty").

2. Click "Edit" in the menu located at the bottom of the Index page. This will take you to a content-entry window where you will see the terms listed inside double brackets, with an asterisk "*" on the left side. This is simple wiki code which you will need to cut and paste, or type in yourself, placing your new term inside.

3. Locate the appropriate alphabetized location where your new term fits into the list, and enter it just as the others are, making sure to enclose the term in an asterisk "*" followed by two sets of brackets"[]".

4. After entering the term, go to the bottom of the content-entry window. You will see an empty "Summary" field. Type "Initial entry of "New Term"".

5. Click "Show Preview" beneath the "Summary" field. This will show you what your entry will look like when published. If everything has been entered properly and you see no mistakes, click "Save Page." This will officially post your new entry on the appropriate Index page.

6. Click on your new term. This will take you to the newly created definition page for that term. You will see the following in the definition field:

There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page.

7. Click on "edit this page." This will take you to the content-entry window for this particular definition.

8. Paste in your definition, remembering to link to outside sources, and to list your name and the date the term was initial created. Sample definition text can be found here or by clicking "edit" on the "Sample Definition" page.

9. TO LINK TO OUTSIDE SOURCES highlight the term you wish to create a link for and then click the globe icon in the menu at the top of the content-entry window twice. The first click isolates the linked word in brackets like this [word]; the second click inserts a placeholder for the URL, followed by a space for the linked word ( linked word). Replace the example link URL with the appropriate URL, and add the linked word at the end after a space, but within the "]" bracket. Finally, delete the original linked word in "[]" which was isolated by the first click.

10. Once you have entered all the definition text and creation information, click "Save Page" at the bottom of the content-entry window. You have just successfully added your term and definition.

To EDIT an existing definition

1. Find the term you wish edit in the Index of Terms and Definitions. Select the term.

2. Click "Edit" at the bottom of the term. This will take you to an content-editing page, where you can alter the definition accordingly. When finished editing, enter a brief description of what changes were made in the "Summary" field (ex: "added new source reference"). If you are simply correcting a typo or a formatting error, instead of entering a summary of changes, just click "This is a minor edit" below the "Summary" field.

3. Click "Save Page."

Should you have "layout" problems then please email Charles Shaw with the problem and Charles will modify the page accordingly or let you know how to.