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The Dictionary of Ethical Politics

Weekly Update #5 - 02.17.09

Many fond greetings to you all as we enter the fifth week of the Dictionary project with 43 confirmed authors and 235 terms! This puts us roughly halfway through the initial contributor and term identification phase (our rough goal for total number of terms is around 500).

This week

   * Naming the Dictionary
   * New Contributors
   * New Terms & Definitions
   * Weekly Updates now posted on the Wiki
   * All Contributors now cross-referenced by Term

The Name

Many of you have inquired about the working title of the project, The Dictionary of Ethical Politics, and some of you have expressed that you don't feel the title reflects the true nature of the project, particularly the use of the word "Ethical." In the initial stages of the project Tony and I discussed some possible names, but nothing really stuck, so we continued with the working title with the idea that we would address it later. Now that process seems to have emerged organically so we thought it might be a good idea to open up discussion about the title. If you have thoughts, ideas or suggestions, we want to hear them.

To accomplish this, I have set up a page on the Wiki to contain this discussion. You can edit it like any other Wiki page, simply enter your name, your title suggestion(s), and your reasoning, if you like. http://resurgence.opendemocracy.net/index.php/Forum_for_discussion_about_possible_titles New Contributors

In the last week the following Contributors joined the project:

   * Mason Dixon
   * Conor Gearty
   * Caroline Moorehead
   * Rupert Shortt

To see a continually updated list of all Contributing Authors, their terms, and their professional bios, go to http://resurgence.opendemocracy.net/index.php/Author_Index

Please feel free to recommend or refer other contributors who you feel might enjoy participating in this project.

New Terms & Definitions

The following terms were added this week:

   * Coalition
   * Ecovillage
   * Intentional Community
   * Hard-Power (Projection)
   * Soft-Power (Projection)

If you didn't catch these last week, these new definitions-in-progress were written by David Korten, and are good examples of working copy:

   * Capitalism
   * Culture‎
   * Development‎
   * Earth Community
   * Multinational Corporation
   * New Economy
   * Phantom Wealth‎
   * Plutonomy
   * Real Wealth

Weekly Updates Now Posted Online


Cross Referencing Terms by Author

We have added to each Contributor's page the terms they will be defining. This should help you identify which terms you wish to help edit, and which authors you wish to collaborate with.

As always, if you have any trouble with the Wiki, questions, concerns, comments, or anything you wish to share with the larger group, please contact me directly.

On behalf of the team, let me thank you again and wish you all the best...

Charles Shaw Editor - "The Dictionary of Ethical Politics" http://resurgence.opendemocracy.net