Weekly Update - January 21, 2009

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To all Contributors to the Dictionary of Ethical Politics,

We hope you enjoyed the beauty and pageantry of the Inauguration as much as we did, and we send all our gratitude and blessings at the beginning of this new remarkable era.

This is the first mailing of our weekly update which will distribute announcements, catalog our progress and announce new contributors and terms.

The Dictionary of Ethical Politics is off to a great start. Another profound round of thanks to all of you for making time to become a part of this great project. As of this week, the following Contributors have signed on:

Thomas Ash, Anthony Barnett, Tim Bennett ("Dialogue", "Paradigm", "Paradigm Shift"), Bryan Brickner, David Cadman ("Holistic", "Holy"), J Cookson, Michael Edwards, Sally Erickson ("Dialogue", "Paradigm", "Paradigm Shift"), Julia Forster ("Peak Oil"), Andrew Gosler, Andrew Harvey ("Sacred Activism"), Hazel Henderson, Satish Kumar ("Non-Violence", "Peace", "Reverence"), Frances Moore Lappe, Caroline Lucas, Shakti Maira ("Beauty", "Ananda"), Stacy Malkan, Peter Marcham, Jason Mark, James O'Dea ("Justice", "Social Healing"), Tony Curzon Price ("Ideology", "Poverty", "Precautionary Principle", "Prometheus"), James Sainsbury ("Fear", "Liberty"), Ziauddin Sardar, Simran Sethi ("Environmental Justice", "Triple Bottom Line"), Charles Shaw ("Tribalism", "Neo-Tribalism", "Urban Tribes", "Disenfranchisement", "Restorative Justice," "Rehabilitation"), Silja Talvi, Karri Winn ("Rights", "Sustainability"), Neva Welton ,

(pending scheduling and facilitation) John Perkins ("Economic Hitman"), David Korten ("Earth Community", "Corporation"), Fran Korten, Van Jones ("Green-Collar Economy"), Daniel Pinchbeck

A continually updating list of all contributing authors and their bios can be found here. http://resurgence.opendemocracy.net/index.php/Author_Index

Over the next 6-9 months each of you will be defining your two or more 300-500 word terms, and, where able, helping other authors with edits, comments, and revisions to their terms. You can view terms-in-progress to get some ideas of form and style by perusing the Index of Terms. All terms in BLUE are claimed and/or in-progress. You are also welcome and encouraged to collaborate with one another on formally co-authoring definitions, should you wish to explore that. There really are few restrictions since one of the exemplar principles of this project is collaboration.

Contributors are also encouraged to...

   * Propose other terms for definition (up to 5 or more, the entire dictionary could have as many as 500 terms)
   * Suggest other contributors from your respective networks

Lastly, I want to introduce the full DEP team.

Satish Kumar - Editor-in-Chief, Resurgence

Tony Curzon-Price - Editor-in-Chief, openDemocracy

James Sainsbury - The Tedworth Trust

Charles Shaw - Editor, The Dictionary of Ethical Politics

Peter Marcham - Technology Director, The Dictionary of Ethical Politics

Claudia Fitzherbert - Project Associate, openDemocracy

Lou Tyson - Project Associate, openDemocracy

If you have any trouble with the Wiki, questions, concerns, comments, or anything you wish to share with the larger group, please contact me directly.

On behalf of the team, let me wish you all the best...

Charles Shaw

Editor - The Dictionary of Ethical Politics