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Anthony Barnett was the first Director of Charter 88 from 1988 - 1995. A writer and organizer he is the author of Iron Britannia, why Parliament waged its Falkland's War (1982); Soviet Freedom (1988); the optimistically titled This Time - Our Constitutional Revolution (1997). He has also edited and co-authored a number of books including: Aftermath, Vietnam and Cambodia (1982) with John Pilger; Debating the Constitution (1992) with Caroline Ellis and Paul Hirst; Power and the Throne (1994), drawn from the Charter 88 monarchy debate; Town and Country (1999) edited with Roger Scruton and The Athenian Option, Radical reform of the House of Lords with Peter Cary (2008). He also conceived the television film, England's Henry Moore (1988).

In 2001 he was a founder of openDemocracy and was its Editor and then its Editor-in-Chief until 2007. He now edits its British blog OurKingdom and is currently Co-Director of The Convention on Modern Liberty.

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