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Bill Miller is a writer, activist, and entrepreneur based in the San Francisco Bay area. Originating from conservative Midwestern Christian roots, Bill has been on a winding, adventure-filled existential path that has included undergraduate studies in experimental psychology at University of Wisconsin, graduation from Fuller Theological Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology, a stint at UCLA’s psychiatric hospital (therapist, not patient), brushes with Hollywood subculture, and a lengthy detour into computer software, producing several products and a patent (but unfortunately, not fabulous wealth).

Along the way, Bill enjoyed a ten-year relationship that resulted in one son and his first book: “How I Survived Divorce - In 45 Days” (available through Amazon and other online booksellers).

Since relocating to the Bay Area ten years ago, Bill has been a volunteer and contributor to a number of local non-profit organizations exploring various aspects of culture, consciousness, spirituality, economy, ecological issues, and the evolution of the human species and culture.

Emerging from this, Bill is convinced that the planet and culture are on the cusp of an evolutionary leap - this time a leap in conscious that will result in an expanded experience of the world and of each other. This is a transition point that holds great promise and peril, and Bill works tirelessly to skew the outcome in the direction of the former.

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