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Rosalinda Lidh, Ethical Markets Media

"Hello All, I work as exec director of Ethical Markets Media, founded by Hazel Henderson, one of the contributors to the dictionary. When Hazel started our company, she was questioned about the term "ethical" as well. Was it perhaps moralizing? Might it put people off? I'm glad she stuck with the name. The word ethical, in my mind, is not moral, religious, spiritual or dated. Rather, it describes a way of behaving that implies care for others, behaving in a manner that does not knowingly impose harm, sort of the precautionary principle in its broadest sense. How is this term of significance and meaning different from saying the Dictionary of Political Expediency, of Machivellian Politics, of Constitutional Politics or the Dictionary of Darwinian Politics? They'd be descriptive, raise questions in readers minds and require contributors to carefully gauge the purpose/scope/impact of the definitions they write. Isn't this what the Dictionary of Ethical Politics is striving for as well? Perhaps if we use the term ethical more often it will carry more actual weight rather than the weight of being possibly politically incorrect."