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J. Kim Wright, J.D. is a pioneer in a new paradigm of law practice based upon healing, peacemaking, and problem-solving. Early in her career as a practicing lawyer, she became aware that the legal system wasn't working well and set out to discover better ways of resolving legal issues. After experimenting with several models and approaches, in 1999, she made a commitment to be a catalyst in the transformation of the legal system. She created a web site about the positive innovations in law at www.renaissancelawyer.com and an organization, The Renaissance Lawyer Society grew from the site. Since then, she has been training, speaking, leading retreats and workshops, and promoting the new approaches to law. She has served on the boards of directors and advisors of many organizations. In 2008, she began traveling around the country interviewing pioneers in the movement to transform law for her current web publication, www.cuttingedgelaw.com. Kim is a graduate of Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC and the University of Florida Levin School of Law. She has extensive study in transformational technologies through Landmark Education and has been a student of appreciative inquiry for over ten years.

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