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Kaliya Hamlin is an expert in the field of user-centric digital identity. She is the co-founder, co-producer and facilitator of the Internet Identity Workshop founded in 2005. She is very active in the internet community her blog on the topic is Identity Woman

She works with a variety of other technical communities in her work designing and facilitating unconferences and her blog on this work is unconference.net.

She has worked to bridge the gap between progressives and the digital world. She also works to organize for change in the technical community and is the founder of an unconfernece for women in tech called [She's Geeky].

She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley in Interdisciplinary Field Studies. After completing her degree she worked for spiritual activist organizations and living in the Bay Area learned about the potential of the web to be used for good in the Planetwork. She began work on the identity layer of the web in 2004 when she was hired for the first Identity Commons. She currently serves as a steward of Identity Commons for the Internet Identity Workshop.