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With 19 years of combined experience in academia, business, municipal agencies, social profit organizations and working overseas on issues related to global development, land-use planning, environmental studies and improving the health of human communities and the living planet, Karri embodies a high level expertise in sustainability. Since 2002 she has served as the National Program Director for the Green Festival – the largest public sustainability event in the US drawing upwards of 40,000 attendees in a weekend and featuring 400 green businesses and 125 speakers. She has planned 500+ lectures highlighting national thought leaders, celebrities and business leaders in the sustainability field. Karri works as a consultant with various clients on social purpose business initiatives. She specializes in systems thinking, critical reasoning strategies and evolutionary leadership. Karri has an MSci in Community Development from UC Davis and an MBA in Sustainability Management from Bainbridge Graduate Institute. She has travelled all over the world exploring the depth of human experience and the pursuit of health and wellness.

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