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In physical space we have bodies that anchor our identities. When we go online we have the freedom create different identities.

Our online identities are anchored with an identifier on the network. An example would be a MySpace URL or Twitter URL or a 2nd level domain name -

Open standards for online identity are important to avoid the enclosure of citizen’s identities and their “ownership” by the companies where they are hosted. Open technical standards are needed to make this possible along with legal agreements that give people the rights to the information about them.

OpenID is a standard that gives people the freedom to create their own online identifier and use it around the web (just like we walk around the physical world in our body). There are several other standards that build on top of OpenID known as the Open Stack; these are still being innovated at the Internet Identity Workshop.

To create a free open network of progressive communities and organizations adoption of these open standards is essential.

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Author: Kaliya Hamlin