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Open standards are what helps industry work both in the physical world but more importantly in the digital world. Open means that anyone is free to use the standard without payment or royalty. Standard means that in using it it works across many systems and forms.

Examples of open standards in the physical world include, rail road track gauges, container ships for shipping, electric plugs, light bulb sockets.

Open standards for the internet

On the internet open standards are different networks that link together and help different networks talk to each other to inter-operate - to create an inter-net. There are three main standards bodies for the internet:

  • Core operations of the network, including the physical layer: IETF, SMTP - email and others.
  • The display layer of the web: W3C, HTML and others.

Online open standards are key to supporting a free, open and neutral internet.

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Author: Kaliya Hamlin