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Paul Rogers is Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University where he teaches courses on international security, arms control and political violence. He has written or edited 26 books and his work has been translated into many languages including Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish and Farsi. Recent books include A War Too Far, and Into the Long War (both Pluto Press, 2006). A collection of his writings over the past 20 years was published by Routledge in 2007 under the title of Global Security and the War on Terror – Elite Power and the Illusion of Control. His latest book is Why We're Losing the War on Terror (Polity Press, 2008).

Paul Rogers is international security consultant for the Oxford Research Group, writes a weekly assessment of international security trends for openDemocracy and was Chair of the British International Studies Association, 2002-04. He is a frequent lecturer at defence colleges and also does over a hundred interviews a year for local, national and international broadcast networks.

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