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Peace is not merely an absence of war, it is a positive state of harmony, balance and justice. In other words, peace is a way of life where good relationships among people, and between people and nature are established. The seeds of peace are rooted in the hearts and minds of every individual; there cannot be peace in the world unless individuals are at peace with themselves. Before we make peace in the world we have to make peace with ourselves, then peaceful relationships will unfold among people. To achieve this we have to celebrate the diversity of cultures, religions, political systems and philosophies. There can be no peace if there is no justice. Poverty, exploitation, subjugation, domination and institutionalised violence of discrimination and inequality results in conflicts, therefore social justice is a prerequisite for peace.

Peace among people is not complete unless we make peace with nature. Respecting the rights of nature is as essential as respecting the rights of people. Treating animals cruelly, treating land disrespectfully and poisoning the rivers, oceans and atmosphere is as much a form of war as going to combat with other nations.

In order to establish comprehensive peace we need to have peace in our hearts, peace among people and peace with nature.

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Author: Satish Kumar