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Shena Turlington is an Environmental Sustainability Consultant, specializing in environmental design and sustainable business models. She is currently working on a Carbon Accounting and Environmental Reporting tool for businesses to track their environmental impacts and provide ongoing management tools to measure and reduce footprint. Shena also previously worked as Ecological Design Associate and Sustainability Engineer with Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates and Arup, where she worked with natural materials, renewable energy technologies, and passive solar design principles to minimize natural resource use and improve performance of buildings ranging from straw bale homes to 350,000sf commercial buildings.

In addition to advising on corporate greening strategy and sustainable building design, Shena manages the greening operations for large-scale events and leads outdoor hikes for inner city youth through the Sierra Club. Her ultimate passion lies in eco-therapy and healing modalities through reconnecting with nature.

Shena has a BS in Economics from the Wharton Business School and a MBE in Sustainable Development from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, combining an extensive background in business strategy with her passion for creating long-term environmental solutions.

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