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The word spirit is related to breathing, the Latin root for breathing in is ‘inspirare’ and breathing out, ‘exspirare’ - through breathing we connect with others. All human beings share this same breath of life. Plants, animals, birds, rivers, oceans and mountains are sustained by the same breath of life which we breathe. Through breathing we are all connected, we are all related. Thus spirituality implies relatedness. Relationships entail friendship, compassion, love, generosity, morality, ethics and umpteen other spiritual values. Spirituality is not the same as religion the Latin root for religion is ‘ligare’ which means to bind together whereas breathing is free and spiritual, people are of free spirit. They abide by the human spirit.

Matter and spirit are two aspects of one single holistic reality. The visible, measurable and rational aspect of reality also contains the invisible, immeasurable and intuitive reality. They both go together there is no separation or dualism between matter and the mind. Spirituality relates to the invisible dimension of psyche, soul, mind, heart feelings, these aspects are as real as the visible dimension of head, brain, body and other organs of body.

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Author: Satish Kumar