Update - June 11, 2009

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The Dictionary of Ethical Politics

Update # 15 - June 11, 2009

This week:

   * Deadline is 3 weeks away
   * New draft definitions from Frances Moore-Lappe and Peter Marcham

T-Minus 3 weeks and Counting

The initial writing phase will close 3 weeks from now on June 30th. We're getting down to the wire here, folks. Sorry to mix metaphors, but its time to throttle up and batten down the hatches.

New Definitions

The following draft definitions were added this week. Please take a moment to review them.

Frances Moore Lappe - Living Democracy
Peter Marcham - Fair Trade

To see the full list of all Contributing Authors, their terms, and their professional bios, go to


Weekly Updates Posted Online http://resurgence.opendemocracy.net/index.php/Project_Update

As alwas, with our fondest regards...

And thanks!

Charles Shaw
Editor - "The Dictionary of Ethical Politics"