Update - June 17, 2009

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The Dictionary of Ethical Politics

Update # 16 - June 17, 2009 - TWO WEEK WARNING

This week:

   * Deadline is TWO weeks away
   * New draft definitions from Tim Bennett & Sally Erickson, Jim Gabour, Frances Moore-Lappe, and Ran Prieur 
   * New Contributor/Editor - Welcome Lorna Howarth!

T-Minus 13 Days and Counting

The initial writing phase will close 2 weeks from now on June 30th. Please make sure you have your entries completed by that date.

New Definitions

The following draft definitions were added this week. Please take a moment to review them.

Tim Bennett & Sally Erickson - Dialogue, Paradigm, Paradigm Shift
Jim Gabour - Visual Vocabulary
Frances Moore Lappe - Pro-Conscience
Ran Prieur - Property

New Contributor/Editor

Please help us welcome Lorna Howarth, Co-Editor of Resurgence, who will be joining us for the editing and revision stages. Lorna will be also be defining a few terms.

To see the full list of all Contributing Authors, their terms, and their professional bios, go to


Weekly Updates Posted Online http://resurgence.opendemocracy.net/index.php/Project_Update

As always, with our fondest regards...and thanks!

Charles Shaw
Editor - The Dictionary of Ethical Politics