Weekly Update - February 9, 2009

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The Dictionary of Ethical Politics

Update #4 - 02.09.09

A few introductory notes

Greetings to you all on this fine Monday. It was quite an eventful week for the Dictionary. As you will see below, we added a number of new contributors, and quite a few new terms. And thanks to the incredible efforts of David Korten over the weekend, we also have a number of new definitions-in-process that you can look at as examples, to get a feel for how you might write yours.

A number of you have asked, "When do we begin writing the actual definitions?" Although the official deadline for completion is still quite a few months away, if you have already identified and claimed your terms, you can begin writing any time you like. The sooner you have a draft definition written, the sooner it can receive comments and editorial input. If you haven't yet identified which terms you'd like to define, please do so as soon as you can.

Once we have a certain number of draft definitions written, we can address, is a more structured sense, how to go about the editorial process as a collaborative group. However, if you are a self-starting personality, do not let this slow you down. If you feel compelled to edit other definitions-in-progress, by all means go ahead. Your edits and comments will be tracked by the Wiki, so we can follow and catalog who contributed what to each definition.

Because of the nature of how this project is structured, momentum and progress will build exponentially: as more contributors join and more definitions are written, more editing happens, more definitions are completed, and so on and so forth. Although I will do my best to maintain a constant sense of momentum week-to-week, much of this will be dependent upon your own motivation.

And now, on to the updates...

This week

   * New Contributors
   * New Terms & Definitions
   * Have you claimed your terms?
   * New Draft Definitions from David Korten

New Contributors

In the last week the following Contributors have joined the project:

   * Dianne Dumanoski
   * Jim Gabour
   * Brian Goodwin
   * Van Jones
   * David Korten
   * Ursula Owen
   * David Peat
   * John Perkins
   * Shena Turlington
   * To see a continually updated list of all Contributing Authors, their terms, and their professional bios, go to  http://resurgence.opendemocracy.net/index.php/Author_Index
   * Please feel free to recommend or refer other contributors who you feel might enjoy participating in this project.

New Terms & Definitions

The following terms were added this week:

   * Aid
   * Asylum
   * Asymmetrical Warfare
   * Censorship
   * Civil Liberties
   * Civilization
   * Corruption
   * Debt
   * Debt-based Financial System
   * Debt Relief
   * Earth Systems Science
   * Ecosystem
   * Feminism
   * Fundamentalism
   * Gaia
   * Global Change
   * Growth
   * Hardt, Michael and Negri, Antonio
   * Human Rights
   * Human Security
   * Insurgency
   * Literacy
   * Locality
   * Minority Rights
   * Modern Worldview
   * Morality
   * Moral Economy
   * Multitude
   * Pacifism
   * Post Carbon
   * Post-Feminism
   * Pre-market Economy
   * Progress
   * Secularism
   * Security
   * Social Contract Theory
   * Social Justice
   * Transparency
   * War

These definitions-in-progress were written by David Korten, and are good examples:

   * Capitalism
   * Culture‎
   * Development‎
   * Earth Community
   * Multinational Corporation
   * New Economy
   * Phantom Wealth‎
   * Plutonomy
   * Real Wealth

As always, if you have any trouble with the Wiki, questions, concerns, comments, or anything you wish to share with the larger group, please contact me directly.

On behalf of the team, let me thank you again and wish you all the best...

Charles Shaw

Editor - The Dictionary of Ethical Politics