Weekly Update - March 26, 2009

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The Dictionary of Ethical Politics

Weekly Update #8 - March 26, 2009

This week:

   * Introduction and quarterly breakdown
   * New draft definitions from Van Jones, John Perkins, and Charles Shaw
   * New Contributors - Welcome Matthew Atwood
   * Helpful writing guidelines


A fine hello to all of you as we resume activity on the Dictionary during this beautiful first week of Spring.

The first quarter of 2009, which we identified as our "Introduction" phase, has come to a close. By now all contributing authors should have identified the terms they wish to define.

We now begin the second quarter, which we are calling the "active writing phase." During the next three months contributors should ideally get all their draft definitions entered into the Wiki.

The third quarter (July-Sept) will be the "revision phase" in which collaborative edits are entered into the Wiki. While our core contributors are working on the core definitions, during this phase we will most like open up the project to the volunteer contributors who will help us write the remaining definitions.

The fourth quarter (Oct-Dec) will be the "standardization/finalization" phase, by which time the core contributors will have completed their obligations and the Editorial team will begin the work of putting together the final product for release and publication sometime during 2010.

New Definitions

The following draft definitions were added this week. Please take a moment to review them.

Van Jones: "Green-Collar Economy"

John Perkins: "Corporatocracy", "Economic Hit Man", "Jackal"

Charles Shaw: "Neo-Tribalism"

Also, if you haven't yet had a chance to read David Korten's definitions they are also quite helpful:

   * Capitalism
   * Culture
   * Multinational Corporation
   * New Economy
   * Phantom Wealth
   * Plutonomy
   * Real Wealth

New Contributors

In the last week the following Contributors joined the project:

   * Matthew Atwood - Activist/Entrepreneur/Community Organizer; Project Manager, Algae Systems

To see a continually updated list of all Contributing Authors, their terms, and their professional bios, go to http://resurgence.opendemocracy.net/index.php/Author_Index

Please feel free to recommend or refer other contributors who you feel might enjoy participating in this project.

Some Helpful Writing Guidelines

   * All terms should be around 300-500 words in length
   * Style should be accessible to a wide audience, but with a particular focus on activists, educators, policy makers, students, and journalists. This tends to mean that entries should have a less academic and more "encyclopedic" feel to them. The goal is to provide a reference source that provides for the easy absorption of concepts.
   * Cite and link to multiple sources, including your own relevant work on the subject
   * Identify the history and origin of the term and/or concept(s) contained therein.
   * Where applicable, maintain objectivity by identifying and citing relevant criticism and/or counter-arguments, and avoiding value-judgments and partisan language.
   * Cross reference with other related terms in the Index
   * Build the internal network by reading your collaborators definitions as they begin to come together, and communicating with each other.
   * Although Wikipedia can be a useful tool for developing ways of crafting definitions, please be mindful of the temptation to replicate their style too faithfully. As you know, Wikipedia's source material can skirt the edge of credibility, if not plunging over the side. Wikipedia is also plagued with the "weasel word"/Fox News syndrome, where opinion is reworded as statements of fact, using phrases like "Some feel that..." or "People say that..."

Weekly Updates Posted Online http://resurgence.opendemocracy.net/index.php/Project_Update

As always, if you have any trouble with the Wiki, questions, concerns, comments, or anything you wish to share with the larger group, please contact me directly.

On behalf of the team, let me thank you again and wish you all the best...

Charles Shaw
Editor - "The Dictionary of Ethical Politics"